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Since I have been touring regularly with Edelweiss-Bike-Travel as a Motorcycle Guide, re-discovering Europe is like a dream come true!

Take a look at my blogs on the company website and get a little piece of the adventure!

> Grand Alps Tour June 2016
> Corsica & Sardinia June 2016

Here is an archive of tours from previous years:
> Pyranees 3-Week Tour (in Sept 2015 with the infamous Michael Göbels)
> Grand Alps Tour July 2015 (and a memorable City-Tour of Innsbruck)
> Grand Alps Tour July 2014 (a massive tour with a terrific group)
> Alps and Lakes June 2014 (from all the world in one big boat)
> Alps and Lakes May 2014 (with a Taiwan group on Harleys)
> Grand Alps Tour July 2013 (some of the best motorcycling worldwide)
> Alps and Lakes Tour May 2013 (a beautiful introduction to the Alps)
> Alps and Lakes Tour Oct. 2012 (even when it’s wet… the going’s great)
> High Alps Tour June 2012 (good fun with the „Frank-Man“)
> Grand Alps Tour June 2012 (this is a mammouth view of the Alps)
> Alps and Lakes Tour May 2012 (my first official Edelweiss Tour)
> Looking for the „Watzmann“ (a funny little story about getting lost)
> Impressions of a new Tourguide (just getting started as a rookie)