Best Clown & Comedy Videos World-Wide

Here is a selection of the best clips I know of in the internet. If you have a suggestion for me, of a video I should include, send me a message. I keep extending the list. Enjoy your travels through the wide wide world of clowning.


Aga Boom Theater of Physical Comedy and Circus Arts (Las Vegas)
♦ Promo-Video 1 / short takes from various shows [Link]  ♦ Promo-Video 2 / short takes from various shows [Link]  ♦ Promo-video 3 / short takes from various shows [Link]  ♦ Clown-Iceberg Part 1 [Link]  ♦ Clown-Iceberg Part 2 [Link]

Avner Eisenberg – Eccentric Mime/Clown (USA)
♦ Intro with links to various videos: [Link]  ♦ Slack-Rope Number: [Link]  ♦ Napkin-Eating Number: [Link]  ♦ Avner at Moisture Fest USA: [Link]

Bill Erwin (USA)
♦ Bill Erwin on the Bill Cosby Show: [Link] ♦ Improv with Robin Williams: [Link]
♦ The Genius of Bill Erwin (Regard of Flight: [Link] ♦ With Steven Silverstein: [Link]
♦ In a scene from „Fool Moon“ with David Shiner: [Link]

Buster Keaton
♦ The Blacksmith [Link]  ♦ The Train [Link]

Charlie Chaplin
♦ Eating Maschine [Link]  ♦ The Boxing Champion 1915 [Link]  ♦ Factory Work [Link]  ♦ The Great Dictator with Globus [Link]  ♦ The Fork Dance [Link]  ♦ City Lights [Link]

Charlie Rivel – Famous Spanish Clown from Catalonia
♦ Classic Chair Number / Monte Carlo Festival ca. 1970s [Link]  ♦ Charlie’s Chair Number imitated for 14º Festival Internacional de Payasos [Link]  ♦ Charlie as Grande Dame for Eurovisio 1973 [Link]

Cirque du Soleil
♦ Alegria Werbespot [Link]  ♦ Zarkana (Las Vegas) Werbespot [Link]  ♦ Quidam Clown-Nummer [Link]

Gardi Hutter – Swiss Clown, Writer and Comedienne
♦ Die Schneiderin (Regie Michael Vogel) [Link]  ♦ So Ein Käse [Link]  ♦ Jeanne D’ARPpO [Link]  ♦ Die Souffleuse 1/8 [Link]

George Carl – American Vaudeville Entertainer & Eccentric Clown
♦ From the Casino-Show „STARZ“ Part 1 [Link]  ♦ „STARZ“ Part 2 [Link]  ♦ Circus Performance [Link]  ♦ Vintage footage from 1969 [Link]

Grock – World Famous Swiss Circus Clown
♦ His classic number with piano and violin [LInk]

Harold Lloyd – American Silent Film Comedian
♦ Safety Last [Link]

Jango Edwards – American founder of the Fools Theater Movement
♦ Piano Virtuoso Sketch [Link]  ♦ Fat Man Leaps Into a Glass of Water Sketch [Link]  ♦ Guerilla Street Theater / Getting and Greeting a Crowd [Link]  ♦ Jango Classic „The Drunk“ [Link]

Jigalov & Csaba – Russian Clown-Duo
♦ The Best Performance [Link]

KGB Clowns from Russia
♦ Collage of various cuts [Link]  ♦ Red Clown with Statue [Link]  ♦ Red Clown with Statue (Montreal Festival) [Link]

Laurel and Hardy (Dick and Doof)
Liberty [Link]  ♦ Im Krankenhaus (auf Deutsch) [Link]

Licedei Clown-Theater and Academy from St. Petersburg
♦ Clown With Chair [Link]  ♦ Musical Trio [Link]  ♦ Wash-Lady-Chorus [Link]  ♦ Lady Violinist [Link]  ♦ Four Ladies [Link]  ♦ The Drinking Number [Link]

Mimirichi Clown-Troupe from the St. Petersburg Academy
♦ Clown Step-Number with swim-flops [Link]  ♦ Clown Break-Dance [Link]

Red Skelton – American TV Clown & Comedien
♦ With Jerry Lewis [Link]  ♦ Red Skelton as “Freddy Christmas” [Link]  In Canada 1982 [Link]  ♦ How to imitate a drunk [Link]

Scott & Muriel – Comedy Magic & Stage Illusions
♦ Big Show with Jo Promo-Video / various cuts from their shows [Link]  ♦ 32nd Monte Carlo Int’l Circus Festival 2008 / Cutting Murial in Two [Link]

Slava Polunin – famous Russian Clown and Co-Founder of Licedei
♦ Le Plus Grand Cabaret / Cuts from the „Snow-Show“ [Link]  ♦ Slava’s Snow Show / the Telephone Number [Link]  ♦ Slava’s Show Show / the Blue Canary Number [Link]

Various Clown- and Physical-Comedy Variety-Numbers
 ♦ Child-Version of Charlie Rivel Imitation (Ruby Rivel-1) [Link]  ♦ Child-Version of Charlie Rivel Imitation (Ruby Rivel-2) [Link]  ♦ Child-Version of Charlie Rivel Imitation (Ruby Rivel-3) [Link]  ♦ Clown with Child on-stage (von hbskls) [Link]  ♦ Clown World Champion (Housch-Ma-Housch Rabit from Hat) [Link]  ♦ Clown YAMA Short-Takes / Selection from Shows [Link]  ♦ Hilary Chaplin (A Life in Her Day – directed by Avner the Eccentric) [Link]  ♦ Puppet Number / Little Man Can Dance [Link]  ♦ Robocob 525 Break-Dance [Link]

STAND-UP COMEDIANS (English Language

Bette Midler – American Actress, Singer, Comedienne
♦ Sophie Tucker in concert [Link]  ♦ Sophie Tucker in Las Vegas [Link]  ♦ Sophie Tucker in „Kiss my Brass“ [Link]  ♦ Sophie Tucker as SHOWGIRL in Pretty Legs & It’s Hot in Here [Link]

Carrol Burnett – American Comedienne
♦ Funniest Moments Part-1 / Out-takes from the Carol Burnett Show [Link]  ♦ Funniest Moments Part-2 / Out-takes from the Carol Burnett Show [Link]

Joan Rivers – American Comedienne
♦ Hollywood Palace 1966 [Link]  ♦ Just for Laughs [Link]

Louis CK – American Comedian (very hot!)
♦ Top of the Food Chain – Oh My God [Link]  ♦ Divorced and Best Dad [Link]  ♦ Do You Live In This Building [Link]  ♦ Older People are Smarter [Link]

Robbin Williams – One of the world´s best Stand-Up Comedians ever!
♦ Roasting George Bush [Link]

Shari Lewis – American Female Comedian-Vantriliquist
♦ As MC moderating a gala with her famous handpuppet „Lamb Chop“ [Link]
♦ Cursing along with Lambchop [Link] Classic vintage footage [Link]

Steve Martin – American Comedian, Actor, Musician
♦ Stand-Up routine with Banjo [Link]  ♦ Stand-Up routine „Excuuuuuse Me“ [Link]  ♦ Stand-Up routine „The Great Flydini“ [Link]


♦ Bette Midler in „Hokus Pokus“ (I Put a Spell on You) [Link]  ♦ Ray Bolger / American actor & eccentric dancer, famous as Scarecrow in „Wizzard of Oz“ [Link]

Danny Kaye – American Comedian, Actor, Singer and Dancer
♦ Singing „Oh When The Saints“ with Louis Armstrong [Link]  ♦ Conducting the NYP Orchestra „Aida“ [Link]  ♦ Conducting Number from „An Evening with D.K.“ [Link]  ♦ Opera Parody with Beverly Sills [Link]

Various Juggling Clips
♦ Michael Moschen / lecture on Juggling [Link]  ♦ Michael Moschen / crystal ball routine [Link]